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Money is the root of all evil, it has the power to take things away and to bring them to you.
It will make you happy and it can also make you sad, this is the depression of mankind the recession of a race which has lost its true values.
The world you inhabit is one of benevolence and charm it is the growth of all that is.
The introduction of money has had a profound effect on the soul of all that it has been before and it will also have a profound and maybe detrimental effect on all that is to come.
This will be dealt with as it happens and we are all aware of the benefits it will have on mankind.
 Also, the cycles of depression and disharmony that will be caused due to greed.
The benevolent of these now have nothing, and the destruction of life, which will in turn change the way you will live your lives, and to that end money will be the downfall of great leaders and men of whom people follow to their detriment.
And the poor will see the uprising of a new state of mind..

Communication with spirit by Stevie Mayes
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