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Spiritual Surgery

Healing Circle

Hi, as you are now viewing this page, I am going to assume that you may be interested in, or would like to find out more about healing.

This healing circle is all about helping others and yourself, it is a group on zoom where like-minded people can come and enjoy sitting in the healing power. This is for everyone you do not need any special gift or religion we are all equal. There can be a great benefit in sitting in a healing circle.

come along and give it a try, you may be surprised.  

To find out when the healing circles are being held, and the zoom number you will require to join them, (Link below)

you can check here on this page, or join my Facebook group, spiritual surgery healing circle, where you will also be able to connect with other group members and get notification of circle dates.

Screenshot 2022-01-04 at 17-04-19 Snappa - Create online graphics in a snap.png

08.45 am

starts 09.00 am

Click link to join or use meeting ID

Meeting ID: 880 1201 4838


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