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Steve's story - how he got to where he is today

Hello, this is an introduction to how i arrived at this point in my life and the journey leading up to it.

I was born in June 1964 in Felixstowe a small but growing seaside town in Suffolk where I grew up and went to school. I had a good childhood, loving parents and journeyed through these years as most other children did.

After leaving school with only a handful of poor exam results I

started an apprenticeship as a plumber.
I also passed my HGV when I was 25,





For all my working life i have switched between these two jobs right up to the present

I never believed in spirit, i had a very analytical mind, and not being

able to make sense of something made it very hard for me to

believe or comprehend it.
Saying that! I have always believed in the power of thought and that we are here for a reason.
I don’t remember the exact date my life changed, it was sometime around 2003.
The events at the beginning of that year and the middle part of the previous year were the two saddest moments in my life.
The first being the loss of my daughter and six months later my mother.








Even through these times, I was strangely unaffected by grief, and in the following years i began to understand why.

A few months after the loss of my mother and daughter, unexplainable things started happening,

Things in the house would turn up in strange places, tools at work would disappear and reappear, and I’ll give you an example.
I looked in my van for a blow torch which i knew
was in my tool bag, but I was unable to find it.

Because this sort of thing had happened before i touched and moved everything in the bag just in case my eyes were playing tricks on me.
So not being able to find it I went back to work and borrowed a blow torch from one of my workmates. Around ten minutes later I returned to my van for something else and on opening the door, I saw my blowtorch right on top of my tool bag in the exact place i had looked earlier. Little did i know this was to be the start

of my spiritual journey, my awakening.

Lots happened in the following months and I found myself with my first spiritual

teacher. Lots of unexpected and unexplained things happened to me and I was hooked From being a nonbeliever to having all these experiences, I now believed that there is something else beyond us.




I then joined a development circle that was run by another medium and as it turned out this lady was to become my mentor and for the

last fourteen years has become a beloved friend.

I now know that spirit has been with me all my life guiding me. In 2005 I met my main guide Chow Lee; he has been with me since I started my life’s journey and will be with me all the way to the end.

As I progressed, I wanted to help people by giving them messages and helping them to connect them with their loved ones. What a fantastic thing to be able to do i thought but it was not to be, spirit had other plans for me.

In 2009 I had another spirit guide join me in a meditation and he was to become my spirit surgeon Dr. Klaus. After i sat for nearly five years in meditation, connecting with

Dr. Klaus along with a number of other doctors and surgeons, allowing them to join their energies with mine, they started to use me as a channel for their healing.

From being as a nonbeliever to becoming a spiritual healer has been a long and at times trying journey but i now believe that i am doing what i was born to do, to help people through healing.

From starting all those years ago not knowing what this journey would have in store for me, I now work as a healer and hopefully, I shall continue to do so for many years to come.

As for my daughter, who is my namesake, Stevie, I have seen her on many occasions and I now know that the lack of grief I felt was due to a greater understanding which was just waiting to be switched on. Stevie is still with me as is my mother and they are both helping me still.

Sadly a while after writing this my dad passed away, I am safe in the knowledge that they are now all together once again.

My undying love goes out to them all.  xxxxxxx

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