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The following testimonials are just a few of the many i have recived and are exact copies of text messages, emails and feedback forms from the people who have been treated by Dr Klaus and his team.

Hi Steve, I would just like to thank you and your team for the wonderful healing surgery I received. With bad pain in my side, and gall stones I came for your help, after 1 session the pain eased after 3 everything gone! May your wonderful work continue, thank you  xxx 

 Toni Jehan. 4/3/17

a6 Angie Burgess 7- 19.jpg

Copy of feedback form for easier reading.


Absolutely fantastic, completely calming and since I've been having healing with Steve I've come off of my medication for my back and have no major problems since cannot praise enough.


I’ve been under Steve and his team of surgeons for a month, when I first saw Steve, the pain I was in was unbearable, with it being a trapped nerve in my hip area, and after the first visit I could feel the benefits and difference in my movement, after my third visit I was able to do a 15 minute run on the treadmill, which i haven’t been able to do in a year, I’m improving all the time


Ness Smith   6/3/17

a2 Susie Valerie       7- 7 -19.jpg

Copy of feedback form for easier reading.


What an amazing experience!

Total floating - the feelings I was getting was unexplainable, but absolutely wonderful.

I could feel my body in awe of spirit healing me!

Thankyou so much Steve!

a1 maggie finch 7-7-19.png

Copy of feedback form for easier reading.



I am honoured to benefit from the wonderful Steve Mayes and his spirit surgeons. After over 25 years of constant chronic pain 24/7, with a course from Steve and his team, I now enjoy more pain-free time than I have pain time.

this is so liberating allowing me to enjoy the thing I love that have been denied when I was constantly fighting the pain. I truly believe they have given me my life back.

Marlene Harvey‎ to Spiritual Healing 

February 21, 2017 

Thank you Steve for the healing with your Guide Dr Klaus and his team yesterday, The aches in my arms and neck have eased off and I am able to lift my arms up today without pain and turn my head to each side with out pain as well, also I have not felt pain in my lung area, that makes me one happy hippy, I look forward to my next healing session, 🙂 




I also would like to sing praises to Steve, for the help he has given me in being able to walk with my back straight and head held high over the past few months.



Kath Oakley 11/4/18

a5 Gwyneth Cullen 7 -19.jpg

Copy of feedback form for easier reading.



Look forward to Steves visits, he puts me at ease straight away. I feel I have benefited no end. Steve knows without prompting exactly what help I need.

I feel so relaxed and refreshed ready to take on the world.

Thank you so very much Steve, your fab. xxx

Hiya Steve,

Hope you all had a lovely holiday. I just have to tell you how wonderful you and Dr Klaus and his team are. The long and the short I have improved so greatly with all your help in really know I won’t have to have another operation. If i can have my treatment once a fortnight or when you have a space I know that you have worked what can only be called a miracle for me. I am just asking if you don’t get a cancellation in your next session could I please be considered. I have to see the consultant this Thursday and i am due to see you on the 23rd which i am so looking forward to. Thank you so very much on what can and is a life changing miracle.

Kathy xx  5/11/18  

a11 Adrian Gitzer.png

Copy of feedback form for easier reading.


I have been going to steve for healing since my only partially successful spinal surgery left me still unable to really live my life.

Now I am more active than I thought I ever would be and have even been able to go back to work for the first time in years. I just wish that I had gone to him sooner.

March 14, 2017  

Penny Rossiter Was amazing healing could feel every thing the surgeon was doing .Thanks Steve for being a wonderful channel for spirit .xx 

a4 Tina Lawson       7 - 19.jpg

Copy of feedback form for easier reading.



This was my 6th time I have been treated by Steve and I must say I have benefitted no end. Steve always puts me at ease straight away and I will continue to come and see him.

Hi Steve,

Just a quick note to say thank you for helping with the problem with my leg, there has been a big improvement which is something that my doctor and physiotherapist were unable to do. I am more physically able to move around now than I have been for some time, which is great. I look forward to seeing you again for my next session, many thanks,


I would like to say a very big thank you for the treatment you have given me, absolutely amazing. My back pain has been reduced dramatically. I can walk much longer distances and my breathing is so very much easier. I wish I had found you earlier. Thank you so very much.



Kathleen Price 18/2/17

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