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Questions & Answers

Here are some questions that people have asked. If your question is not here please contact me and I will be only too pleased to help, If it would be helpful for other people, I will add it to the list.


Can anyone receive healing?

Yes, anyone can receive healing as we are all made and connected to the universal energy. Anyone under the age of 18 years will need permission from their parent or guardian. If you are pregnant you will also need to give your permission by signing a consent form. For those who are unable to communicate, or lake the capacity to consent, and the healing is deemed to be in their best interest, a parent, guardian or competent appropriate adult must  consent to the healing. 

How long will the healing take?

Most healing sessions normally last from 20 to 30 minutes.
Depending on the condition/conditions you may need more than one session.

Does it hurt?

No healing does not hurt, although you may feel some heat and in some cases people feel cold. Slight tingling may also be felt as the healing energy is moved. 

What can be healed?

As far as what can be healed it is very difficult to say as it is different for everyone. Spirit has the ability to heal all conditions but they have strict rules (universal law) to what they are able to heal for every individual.

Can i be cured?

Under British law, we are not allowed to say that you can be cured, as with any healing, its effects differ from one person to the next. Although i have healed people who then showed signs of improvement and in cases have recovered, despite having previously been told by health professionals that there was no prospect of them getting any better.

Do i have to be religious?

Simple answer no. Religion has nothing to do with your spirituality, this is individual to everyone. We all have our own spirit whether we believe or not.

Do i have to believe in healing for it to work?

No, not believing in something will not stop it working. The only way it may not work is if you hold back your permission. Spirit are not allowed to interfere with your journey through life unless you agree to let them. If you give your permission but don't believe and have the thought or intention that it's not going to work, this will place energy blocks in the way, and spirit will find it more difficult to get through. This will undoubtedly reduce the effectiveness of the healing but will not stop it from working.


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