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What is spiritual surgery

(psychic surgery)

Psychic surgery is allowing spirit while working through a medium to help with the physical problems of the body.  

The medium, trance healer, psychic surgeon allows themselves to move into a semi-trance state, In some cases depending on how they work with their spirit team, a much deeper trance state can be reached.   This allow them to become the channel for the spirit to work through.  
In this trance state, the energy of the spirit may be able to influence the movement of the medium's body.


More commonly known as the aura, the etheric body is the closest part of our energy field, and is an exact copy of the physical body, Therefore, it has a strong influence over our physical body.
With this type of healing the surgery is carried out on the etheric body. Changes that are made to the etheric body are then mirrored back into the physical body, this can have an immediate effect on the physical body or in some cases it can take a few days for the healing to transfer.

In the etheric body, surgical procedures can take place, For example, if there are back problems, spirit are able to operate on the spine and move bones, replace bones and replace discs to bring the spine back to where it should be. they can also do much more depending on what is needed.

This then transfers to the physical as explained above, which then 

can in some cases, manifest change in the physical body.

There is no pain involved when these operations are being performed, but sensations of things happening can sometimes be felt.

As with all things spiritual, different spiritual healers may have different ways of working, also there will be different degrees of healing.

There is no guarantee to the outcome of the healing.

spiritual surgical procedures may or may not occur within the healing depending on what spirit deems necessary for an individual.

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