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Spiritual Surgery

Code Of Conduct

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We always act in the best interests of our clients.

We are always respectful and courteous to others.


We are always aware of good hygiene practices. Maintain personal hygiene standards as we work closely with Clients.

We are always aware of washing hands (symbolically or physically) between Clients.


Our psychic surgeon is not a medically trained doctor.

Under United Kingdom law he is not allowed to give any type of diagnosis.

Our psychic surgeon will never guarantee, promise, claim or imply a cure especially with cancer.

We strongly advise any client to continue with any prescriptions or medical treatment, Unless otherwise advised by their doctor.

We will ask our clients to sign a “informed consent document” before any treatment is undertaken.

Clients will never be asked to remove any items of clothing other than spectacles, coats, shoes or other incidentals.

We abide by strict confidentiality rules.
          The confidentiality of our clients is paramount.

As with all occupations, any fees received are to cover time worked, The healing is free.

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