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The generosity of others is something we always look on,

We smile as we think of how others give.

There are some that give who have nothing but the last pennies in their purse,

There are others that give who may not have money but who would give their last possession, their pride and joy to someone.

And on the other hand, there are those who wouldn't give to another even if they had all the riches in the world.

We can all give in our own way we all have something to give another, there are many times people will say to others in an argument or in times of unhappiness, that they hate.

Hate is a very strong word, and hate can always be directed at somebody, but it is not always to do with another being, one can hate oneself, one can hate the life that we lead, one cannot enjoy what is happening around them and they can also hate the physical problems that they endure.

But as we have said hate is a very strong word, there are many reasons why things happen to us, but we must remember that there is always a positive in life.

So when we feel that we are on the way to hate what is happening to each and every one of us and what is happening to ourselves, try to remember and turn it around, move hate towards unhappiness, then as you move towards unhappiness allow that to move to, I'm sure thing can be better, then as we move to things can be better we can then move it too I enjoy everything I do and I am worthy of everything that I do for others and myself.

So, let's remember those that give, give unconditionally and remember yourself as you give unconditionally the love and the upliftment to others, and let's try not to think of hate in any construct in this world but try and bring it back around to the positive vibration it needs to be.

With that my friends we are here today to help each other to uplift and bring joy into each other’s lives.

Communications with spirit by Stevie Mayes
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