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Humanity stands equal

Let us not visualise the earth as a ball of earth and rock, let's visualise the earth as the healing heart of humanity.

As a beating heart of humanity

And with every step that we take, one after another, allow the love, if the earth to be absorbed by your feet, to be absorbed by your body and know that everybody that walks the earth is love.

When we channel our true inner being, we are given the closest thing we have to God, whether we do this for ourselves or others matters not.

in times of plenty we should store, in times of famine we should share.

If a bird can soar on the wings know we can soar on the love of our hearts.

As we stand everybody stands with us.

Go forth my friend enjoy this beauty and bounty of your world,

Bring peace to others where there is no peace, bring laughter where there is no laughter, bring understanding where there is confusion, most of all bring love where the heart is open.

In this day strive to find everything good in my life and look to see the good in everybody else’s life.

Break from the chains of your existence and allow yourself to fly.

If only once in your life you feel the touch of spirit.

If the tractor pulls the plough who is pulling the tractor.

As you strive forward for the acquisition of knowledge be mindful of the journey you are taking.

The smallest flower can blossom the largest smile.

To give is to receive, let us join hands in a circle so that we may all be equal.

Communications with spirit by Stevie Mayes
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