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 Is the gift, being allowed to take advantage of an opportunity to improve or divert from the life you already have.

when we move to a different opportunity we will be met with resistance and hardship or we may be welcomed into it with open arms, in the long run, it will work out the same.
Going forward this is something which you should all endeavor to try and move towards, as with all things past and present they all started with an opportunity.
When greatness reveals itself to those who want to follow, the magic of all that is, is released into the ether and is absorbed by your spirit and reconstituted into the power of being.
Great masters have said that only one cow can make milk, but a herd of cows can deliver the milk for all.
When we stop and look at everything with a stomach full of milk, then we see the wonders of all that we are given and we have the keys to unlock the dairy.
We have long wanted people to take the opportunity to release their life's work and to see the wonders of what they have, and how it has helped and driven them to explore the outer reaches of their consciousness and help them to grow in so many different ways.
 On the state of mind, this is such an insignificant moment but in one lifetime it is the greatest and most powerful decision we can make to improve ourselves.
Don't let the opportunity pass you by, the growth of your soul and your spirit depends on it in so many ways.
Great is the light that shines and bright is it glow, and the more you can light up as you take more opportunity.
 Be brave my friends and strive for greatness and the light.
 Don't be afraid we are with you in every step.


Communication with spirit by Stevie Mayes
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