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The Wonder


If men could but see from the eyes of a bird they would fly high above the earth and look down to survey all that is beneath.

The birds have seen much, they have seen the changes, and they have seen the patterns of the world as they come and go.

Be mindful my friends, and look as the birds cross your planet and witness the changes you have brought about. Some of them are good, but many are not so good.

I have on one occasion picked an orange, I lay at the base of the tree and peel the skin, as I lick the juice from my fingers and taste the sweetness of the fruit within, there is the joy of sunshine in each of the fruits, a Labour of love, of the tree allowing it to feed you and me.

From every tip of a wave on the ocean to every grain of sand on the beach, to every clump of grass, to every clod in the fields, the world has been designed to flow like a well-oiled machine, humanity is the grease that keeps the machine flowing, but if the maintenance of the machine is not looked after and it is not greased as it should be, the machine will stop and there will be no more use for the grease.

So, tend your fields, cut your grass, play on the beach, and watch the waves roll in from the sea, but most of all know where to place the grease of mankind so that all this wonder can live on.

Conversation with Spirit by Stevie Mayes
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