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This is a 6 week course run on a Wednesday night via zoom, starting on the 6th of April 2022.
Each session will start at 7pm and finish at 9pm
The course is for beginners who are new to trance and the altered states of consciousness.
Students must be able to make a connection with spirit and be able to sit in meditation.
The course will cover, understanding how trance and the altered states work, sitting in the power, Blending with your guides, building trust between you and your guides, exercises to help you achieve an altered state, so your guides can work closely with you. 
The aim of this course is to give you an understanding of the workings of trance, allowing you to take it to the next level if you wish.

The course is held over zoom.
A good internet connection is required.
On receiving payment for the course
you will receive an email confirming payment and the dates and times of sessions, also the zoom link you will need to enter the sessions.


Payment for this course is through PayPal
please be aware that the confirmation email will be sent to the same email address from which the PayPal payment was sent.
If you would like it sent to a different email address please add a message in PayPal with an alternative email address. 


The cost of this course


Please pay through Paypal to book your place on the trance course

Paypal payment email -

By booking, you have read and understood all

Terms & Conditions

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